CentreGold: the Gold Standard Exchanger

CentreGold was founded in Canada in 2007 and has been putting much emphasis on buying and selling digital currencies by credit cards. Over the years it has been a trusted participant, both in the legacy digital gold currencies industry and, with the advent of Bitcoin, in the new crypto-currencies industry.

Ten years is long history in the digital exchanger community. People have long had many reasons to trust CentreGold. They fulfil orders quickly and accurately. They have regular server security scans.

For my own part, I began working with the team at CentreGold close to the time of their founding. In every case, my orders received prompt attention and excellent service.

During the time of their start of operations, there was an active network of discussion lists for trading digital currencies and for identifying the perpetrators of scams and account hacks. Reputation was of great importance, and CentreGold always had a very excellent reputation. There were also community discussion lists, both on email and on the web, and again CentreGold enjoyed a very high reputation for quality of service and attention to promptness and detail.

Centregold, a veteran exchanger, might well be the gold standard in the digital currency exchanging industry

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Jim Davidson
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